Motave Meadows

1.  Are your plants organic?
Yes, we have been certified organic since 2004.

2.  Do you use GMO's (genetically modified organisms)?
No, GMO's are not permitted in organic products.

3.  How can I contact you?
Please see our contact page.

4.  How do I order organic vegetable transplants?
Transplants are available in the spring with the typical deadline for orders at the end of March.  Extra plants will be available at the time of pick up but will be subject to availability.

5.  How do I get my organic vegetable transplants?
After pre-ordering your plants, they are available to be picked up at the farm during a weekend in May.  Please see the transplant information page.

6.  What if I can't pick up my plants on the pick up weekend?
Contact us and we will be happy to try to arrange another time for your pick up.
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