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Welcome to the 2021 

growing season!

We cannot accept any further orders but will have extra plants available on plant pick up weekend. 

Please come to the farm that weekend if you would like to purchase extra plants.  

Pick up plants at the farm on

Saturday and Sunday,

May 22 and 23, 2021 from 9am to 5pm.





     Motave Meadows is a Certified Organic Michigan Farm nestled in the countryside of southeast Michigan. We specialize in certified organic vegetable and herb transplants to plant your own organic garden.  Simply go to the vegetable and herb transplant page and place your order.  We grow the transplants directly from your orders so please order early.  

     Orders should be in by the end of March to guarantee your orders.  Orders after that time will be subject to availability.  On May 22-23, 2021 from 9-5 come to the farm to pick up your orders. 

     Thank you for supporting your local organic family farm!

Welcome back for 2021

Sunflowers!  They are beautiful in a vegetable garden and bring in the natural pollinators such as the bees which pollinate the rest of the garden.  There will be five varieties this year, a mammoth sunflower that produces a large head of sunflower seeds, a red sunflower, a traditional yellow sunflower that produces delicious striped sunflower seeds and two dwarf varieties, Hella Sonnenblum and a teddy bear sunflower that have multiple branches on them for cutting your own sunflowers.  These are great in children's gardens as well.

Back by popular demand is the Lunch Box Peppers!  They are small peppers that come in yellow, orange and red that you can pop in your mouth in one or two bites.  They are sweet and delicious.  Now you can grow your own in your home garden.  I am offering a trio of the lunch box peppers in yellow, orange and red.  They are sold as a 3 plant combination.  Single varieties will be available on plant pick up days.

In addition, I will continue to offer several varieties of basil including green and purple varieties, cinnamon or Thai basil, lemon basil and lime basil will be available this year.  Acorn squash, butternut squash and a yellow slicing tomato are available again this year as well.  Kohlrabi and kale are available too.

I will continue to have herbs such as rosemary,  sage and oregano.  I hope to have lemon balm,  catnip, stevia and chamomile as well.  They will not be available to preorder but will be available at plant pick up day.

Note: We can now accept payments on paypal.  Simply use our email to send your payment.  There is a 3% charge from paypal.  Please be sure to put your order number on the transfer.  Thank you!


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